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kawaii pixels photo:  tv.gifkawaii pixels photo:  hearts.gifhi i'm cheyenne and spike spiegel is my anime husband i don't know why but sometimes people ask me for advice
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this girl at my mom’s work doesn’t take $1 tips because she doesn’t like having single dollar bills in her wallet. rich people are out of this world




You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power

Racism goes every way. I hope this is some joke. You’re blind and ignorant if you think racism doesn’t hit everyone. 


who is even following jamjars in the year of our lord 2014

thx 4 being supportive guys

think im calming down

thatthinggggg a dit: What are your thoughts on the entire ableism thing?


To be honest, before tumblr I didn’t even know what that word even meant. 

Then one day someone pointed it out to me and how some horror films have a tendency to portray the mentally ill or disfigured as scary and as people to be afraid of.

And I completely agree. That should be stopped. I deleted stories that did that and avoid posting stories or topics that do that. 

If you see a post floating around that does that, then honestly? Just let me know, I will be happy to delete it. 

I try not to use the words “crazy” or “insane” because I know that can be offensive. 

Feel free to tell me to edit around words on old posts or even new ones, to avoid this mistake. 

But if it’s tagged “science”, if I talk about schizophrenia in terms of brain scans or hormone levels, if I post a medical anomaly and talk about the genetic factor that may have lead to excessive muscle growth and you STILL think that’s ableist. 

Then buddy I don’t know what to tell you. 

"You can’t just pretend everyone’s the same when they’re not and if you don’t get how someone is different to what you know, you should be able to enlighten yourself. People who don’t understand something are more likely to stare, laugh or be afraid of it. Understanding things is the key to acceptance."