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Adrianne Haslet-Davis dances again for the first time since the Boston terrorist attack last year. 

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line, Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost the lower half of her left leg in the explosion. She’s a ballroom dance teacher, and she assumed she would never dance again. With most prosthetics, she wouldn’t.

But Hugh Herr, of the MIT Media Lab, wanted to find a way to help her. He created a bionic limb specifically for dancers, studying the way they move and adapting the limb to fit their motion. (He explains how he did it here.)

At TED2014, Adrianne danced for the first time since the attack, wearing the bionic limb that Hugh created for her.  

Hugh says, “It was 3.5 seconds between the bomb blasts in the Boston terrorist attack. In 3.5 seconds, the criminals and cowards took Adrianne off the dance floor. In 200 days, we put her back. We will not be intimidated, brought down, diminished, conquered or stopped by acts of violence.”

Amen to that, Hugh. 

Watch the full talk and performance here »


powerdad bellows at his son “TIME FOR BED!” rowdy son says “no dad fuck off” powerdad starts bench pressing his son till hes dead and then it is always bed time


I’m neurotic (ノ°ヮ°)ノ*:・゚✧


legalizing gay marriage is important yes. but please stop picking and choosing the pretty parts of my oppression you want to support. because the systematic oppression of queer folk is not limited to “oh they just can’t get married.” queer people are getting thrown out of their homes. dying. committing suicide. getting denied jobs. you can’t just slap a rainbow on a shirt and say you’re an ally


just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism